Nancy, Dan and Doug are Co-Owners of MAC. You'll find their work displayed year-round  throughout the gallery, and if you stop by there's a good chance one of them will greet you at the door!

Nancy Beckert

Weaver & Fiber Artist

From a young age, Nancy has always been drawn to the feel of different fibers and the visual pleasure of combining diverse colors, often to create wearable art.

Dan Gaube

Woodworker & Jeweler

Dan’s woodwork involves intricate craftsmanship, often specializing in inlay work and complex joinery.

Doug Jones


Through his photography, Doug aims to convey the intricate relationships that exist in our mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, valleys, and towns where we live.

Learning to knit at an early age, Rebecca has evolved from knitter

to artist. Searching out the variety of wool and yarn available on the world market dictates the type of wearable art Rebecca will create.

Fiber Artist

Rebecca Maidman

Gabriela (Gabi) was born and raised in Switzerland and has lived in Truckee for 34 years. Gabi prides herself on being a versatile artist but her real passion lies in working with glass, especially fusing art glass

Glass Artist

Gabriela O'Neil

Charter Members

Rebecca and Gabi are working members of MAC. You'll also find their work displayed throughout the gallery year-round. Both Rebecca and Gabi work regularly at the gallery and look forward to providing personal attention and insights into their art. 

Member Artists

We are honored to have the following local artists as Member Artists at

Mountain Arts Collective

Visiting Artist 

March 2019

Andy Blanchard


We are delighted to reconnect with our friend and fellow artist, Andy Blanchard as our current Guest Artist. Andy’s studio, Tahoe Blue Pottery, is about functional art. As Andy says, “I enjoy making things that can be used in your daily life. All my work is 100% food safe as well as microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.” Andy’s work is beautiful and functional, and it captures the natural elements of our local environment.

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