Visiting Artists

Tahoe Blue Pottery

March 2019

We are delighted to reconnect with our friend and fellow artist, Andy Blanchard as our current Guest Artist. Andy’s studio, Tahoe Blue Pottery, is about functional art. As Andy says, “I enjoy making things that can be used in your daily life. All my work is 100% food safe as well as microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.” Andy’s work is beautiful and functional, and it captures the natural elements of our local environment.

Andy Blanchard


Blue Wolf Studios

March 2018

We're honored to welcome Amanda Dabel as our new Visiting Artist. Amanda is a co-founder of Blue Wolf Studios in Kings Beach, CA. Two of Amanda's powerful pieces are now featured in our gallery: 'The Rhino and Elephant heads are an exploration of form, materials, and the commentary on the illegal poaching of ivory. The flowers are made from a red Hawaiian earthenware clay body and welding wire. The Hawaiian clay speaks to the wild connection the animals have with the earth. Flowers were put in place of the missing Ivory, in an effort to put a bit of beauty back into the grotesque event of removing ivory from these animals.' thank you and welcome, Amanda.

Amanda Dabel


Oja Designs

December 2017

Duncan is a woodworker and artist based in San Francisco, with Truckee connections. He was trained in traditional furniture making while living in upstate New York and began working at a small lumber mill after moving home to California. His work combines classic American furniture traditions with modern experimental design.

Duncan Oja


Patricia Cooper

November 2018

Mountain Arts Collective is proud to feature these beautiful gourds from Patricia Cooper. Patty is a Truckee resident and has traveled extensively in Mexico for 40 years; she learned a significant part of her technique there. She sketches the design and then transfers it to the gourd where she wood burns the major lines. Once shaded and colored, Patty seals each gourd with a wax or acrylic finish. Needlesstosay, each gourd is a special labor of love! They make colorful additions to any table or any room, and they make unique holiday gifts. They adorn our gallery every day at the Train Depot in Downtown Truckee

Patricia Cooper

Gourd Artist

Neet Tweets Workshop

February 2018

Greg Zirbel is a familiar “face” around Truckee. Whether in character as the Old Miner, or just supporting Truckee’s many community activities, Greg is always willing to give his time. Greg’s parents moved to Truckee when he was two weeks old, and he grew up in the Donner Trail neighborhood where he developed his deep appreciation for the great outdoors, which were straight out his back door. He spent his summers guiding horseback trail rides up into Cold Stream Canyon as a cowboy at Cold Stream Corral. After college, a serious back injury led him him to use his skills as a top woodshop student in high school to make his own Christmas gifts using reclaimed lumber. He ended up building about 350 birdhouses over the next three years, many resembling historical Sonoma County landmarks.

Greg Zirbel

NeetTweets Artist / Historical Landmark Replica Birdhouses

La Femme Boheme

November 2017

La Femme Boheme jewelry is for those free spirits who aren't afraid to set aside social norms and follow their bliss. Each piece is handmade in Northern California from unique, and often one-of-a-kind, designs inspired by nature, earth and the cosmos. My goal is to make unique jewelry that is affordable yet maintains a high level of quality.

La Femme Boheme


Kaley Debrick

May 2018

Kaley is a studio artist, painter, floral designer and entrepreneur.  She grew up in Kansas, moving out west to Colorado after graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting.  Her pursuit to discover has only increased, now living fulltime in a Recreational Vehicle with her husband traveling around the southwest.  She continues her connection to nature by spending her days exploring this beautiful planet with her husband Joshua.

Kaley Debrick


Jane Lufkin

January 2018

Jane Lufkin is best known for her impressionistic landscape oil paintings made with a vibrant palette and expressive impasto brushstrokes. Jane is a Truckee resident, and she finds daily inspiration in the dramatic landscapes in our local mountains and in her travels in the West. Her deepest happiness and desire is in bringing landscapes to life in oil on the canvas, capturing the light, movement and beauty of nature.​

Jane Lufkin

Landscape Painter

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